Accessible Computer Software and Programming

People with disabilities can rely on technology to make their lives easier and more productive. Assistive technology is the term used to describe devices and software designed to help people with disabilities accomplish tasks that they would otherwise find difficult or impossible. This includes everything from hearing aids and text-reading software to programs that magnify screens or enlarge text on computer screens. Memory aid and educational software are some of the options that are available for people with cognitive impairments, and dictation software can help those with impaired motor functions. Software engineers who develop assistive technology aids for the disabled will need to keep up with new devices to continually enable newer and better functionality to help those with disabilities.

Software for the Disabled and Other User Groups

Visit the Texas Department of Information Resources website for a list of organizations dedicated to educational and social opportunities for people who deal with issues related to software accessibility.

General Resources for Developmental Disability (DD) Information and Advocacy

Hope Services provides links to organizations that help people with disabilities. Subjects covered include autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and more.

Assistive Software and Hardware Technology Links

This site presents visitors with a list of links related to technological aids for the disabled.

Learning Disabilities and Disorders Affecting Learning: Software Accessibility and Other Assistive Technologies for LDs

On this page by the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, people with learning disabilities and their families will find a guide that features links to software and other assistive technology resources.

Assistive Software Technology

Click this link to go to the Disability Network's website for a list of software-based resources for a variety of disabilities. They include links to apps for the deaf, blind, amputees, and more.

Living With Paralysis: Resources and Care

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is involved in investigative research into helping people with paralysis due to injuries to the brain and spinal cord. This page on their website offers a list of links to organizations around the Miami area that serve people suffering from paralysis.

Programming Assistive Software for the Disabled

Demarle Inc. provides services for people with a variety of disabilities and disorders. This page includes links to and descriptions of resources that include note-taking equipment, text-reading devices and software, audiobooks, and other technological aids for the disabled.

Learning With Learning Disabilities

Visit this page on the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta website for a short list of links to organizations that deal with learning disabilities, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

CLion Programming With Anastasia Kazakova

Anastasia Kazakova is an expert in C++ programming and works for CLion as a product marketing manager. This page has links to related resources as well as a podcast.

Game Programming Issues: Load Testing

This post talks about problems that arise when there are too many combat vehicles in play in an MMO game at the same time.

From Web Developer to Embedded One

There are significant hurdles involved in building a career in information technology. This post on Ivan Kravets's website provides links to pages detailing people's experiences in overcoming these challenges.

Links to Pages About IT

Visit this page for a long list of links to pages about computer software and a large number of other subjects, including hacking the Apple Macintosh, LISP programming, emojis, mathematics, and more.

Game Engine Network Developer 64 Do and Don't Do: Protocol And API

Go here to read a blog post that talks about the challenges involved in programming network support for computer games.

CS 7100: Advanced Programming Languages

The purpose of this class is to train students to understand programming language design, abstract data types, and more.

Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms

UC San Diego offers prospective students a class dedicated to analyzing programming languages and understanding their basic components. Students who take this class will be learning how to choose the right programming language for any given project.

CSCI 3210

Middle Tennessee State University has a Theory of Programming Languages class that is available on their website.

Computer Science (CSC) Undergraduate Courses

The Catholic University of America provides visitors with a list of computer science-related courses here.

Computer Information Systems

Learn about Paris Junior College's computer courses on their Workforce Education website.

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Students at the University of the Incarnate Word can choose from computer-related courses listed on this page.

Computer Science and Engineering

Software engineering students will find a brief overview of the nature of their work on UC San Diego's Faculty and Research website.

Fundamentals of Software Development

This UCLA Extension class is an introductory course in software development.

Graduate Computer Science Courses

Students of Queens College City University of New York who are looking for graduate courses in computer science will find a list of classes on their website.

Bachelor of Science

Visit the Wayne State University website for an overview of their computer science Bachelor of Science degree programs. It includes a mission statement, learning objectives, and expected learning outcomes.

Computer Science at UHV

The University of Houston-Victoria features information about their computer science bachelor's degree program.

Computer Science Department

Learn about Sonoma State University's computer science curriculum on their course descriptions page.

The Lockheed Martin Department of Information Science and Technology

Columbia Basin College provides information about their computer science classes and degree and certificate options.

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