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It is regarded by many as a sad fact that from a land that once boasted tens of hundreds of distilleries the demise of these establishments has plummeted to a level that now, only three legal distilleries remain in Ireland today. They are

Bushmills Distillery in Co. Antrim
Cooley Distillery in Co. Louth
Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork

Of these distilleries Bushmills and Midleton are part of the Irish Distillers Group with Cooley Distillery the only source of independent Irish whiskey.

There are also two Distillery Museums located on the sites of former distilleries The Jameson's old Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, and Locke's Distillery Museum in Kilbeggan Co. Westmeath. The map shows their relative locations to each other including what is on offer at each location. While it is a very sad fact that there are very few distilleries left in Ireland, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit the museums and distilleries that still operate and with flights at their cheapest, now is the perfect time to find some cheap airfare for your next holiday.

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