Tyrconnell Single Malt Name : Tyrconnel Single Malt
Producer : Cooley Distillery
Tyrconnell Single Malt
In the Northwest of Ireland lies Tyrconnell (Gaelic for the land of the O'Donnells) Long famous for its distilling operations. One of the oldest distilleries in the region, established in 1762, was that of the Watt family. Home of "The Tyrconnell" This selected whiskey is distilled using the purest spring water and the finest of malted barley. In 1876 the Watt family entered a horse appropriately named the Tyrconnell in the Irish Classic Horse race "The National Produce Stakes" incredibly the horse won at 100 to 1. The event went into racing folklore and is celebrated on the label to this day.This Tyrconnell Single Malt Pure Pot Still has a fresh malty bouquet smooth sweet taste and a delicate dry finish.
Size 70 cl 40% vol Buy This Whiskey

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