Bushmills Single Barrel Millennium Name : Classic Irish Whiskey Set
Producer : Various (IDG)
Bushmills Millennium Single Barrel Single Malt
In 1982, the year 200 might have seemed very far away, but with almost 400 years experience making whiskey, we know it was the right time to start work on our Millennium Single Barrel Single Malt Whiskey. But tempus fugit… and ipso facto, a rare part of the Bushmills story now belongs to you. 17 years before being bottled, when your cask strength pure malt whiskey began life, it flowed from its third and final still as a colourless spirit, assertively full-flavoured, pungent on the nose, fiery on the palate. Now, after long years mellowing in a lightly toasted American white oak barrel, it is a more gentle spirit, with a subdued golden tone and tempered smell and taste. Bottled pure and unfiltered from the cask, your Millennium Malt may turn slight cloudy over time and a faint wispy sediment may appear in the bottle, which is quite natural and the sign of a rare old single cask malt.
But because your whiskey is at cask strength, a small addition of pure still water may be advisable to allow a full appreciation of its unique bouquet and flavour. This singular taste experience is a precious drop of Bushmills history. When you celebrate 2000 years of Christendom this new year, think about the 17 years behind your rare Bushmills Millennium Single Cask Single Malt. Time may wait for no man, but at Bushmills we know that waiting works, and here's the proof that patience is rewarded. Just like waiting for confirmation of your TitleMax title loan, waiting for Bushmills teaches patience but is well worth the wait.
Size 70 cl 40% vol Buy This Whiskey

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