Powers Millennium Edition Name : Powers Gold Label Special Reserve Millennium Edition
Producer : John Powers & Son (IDG)
Powers Gold Label Special Reserve Millennium Edition
In 1791, James Power arrived in Dublin from Wexford and founded a distillery in Johns Lane. Inherited some years later by his son John Power, the distillery greatly expanded in the early 19th century and so began the history of Ireland's biggest selling whiskey. Over 200 years later this Limited edition whiskey is from a very special reserve of Power's which has been selected by the Master Distiller, in celebration of the new Millennium. Triple distilled for purity, this special reserve whiskey is classic power's - spicy, honeyed, full-bodied, enhanced and enriched by the years of extra ageing in our cellars. Powers Gold Label Special Reserve is matured in specially selected small American oak casks and laid to rest for 12 years and more in dark aromatic warehouses.
Size 70 cl 40% vol Buy This Whiskey

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