Dunphys Irish Whiskey (Half Bottle) Name : Dunvilles Three Crowns
Producer : Dunville's Distillery Limited
Duniivlle's Three Crowns
(Half Bottle)
This is a piece of long lost Irish Distillers art at its best. Described by Jim Murry as "Beautiful, very intact"...Dunvilles has a rich oak influence throughout, a suspicion of sherry and on the nose at least potstill... however to-taste it is the enormity of the sweet barley (one assumes malted ) that distinguishes the whiskey character, none the less considering this has spent upward of 50yrs in a bottle. The Dunvilles boasts extraordinary complexity and character, this is high grade Irish Whiskey it has withstood the ravages of time,... it is beautiful with a build up of spice for the late finale. This is your chance to own a true piece of Irish History.

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Size 35 cl 70° Proof Buy This Whiskey
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