Clontarf Three Bottle set Name : Clontarf
Producer : Cooley Distillers PLC

Clontarf Irish Whiskey set
Somewhat unique in that the bottle is actually three seperate interlocking bottles each containing 200ml of different Irish whiskeys.
The top bottle is Clontarif Single Malt. Colour light gold nose intensely malty and rich. Taste full textured, malty, softly oaked and lingering.
The Middle bottle is Clontarf Reserve. Colour bright gold. Nose Malt and Spice. Taste Mouthwateringly fresh, smooth with a malty complexity.
The bottom bottle is Clontarf Irish Whiskey. Colour full gold. Nose toffee and subtle oak. Taste smooth and velvety with hints of vanilla.
Packed in a wooden case this makes a most unusual gift for any whiskey connoisseur

Size 600ml 40% vol Buy This Whiskey !

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