Bushmills 12 Year old Millennium Irish Whiskey Name : Bushmills 12 Year-old Millennium
Producer : IDG (Irish Distillers Group)

Bushmills 12-Year-Old Millennium Reserve
Bushmills 1608 Limited edition Millennium reserve is a subtle blend of selected Irish Whiskeys matured in oak casks for a minimum of 12 years. The heart of the blend is a single malt whiskey that gives Bushmills 1608 Millennium Reserve its unique depth and subtlety of flavour. The "Old Bushmills" Distillery received its original grant of licence to distil in 1608. The single malt whiskey for Bushmills 1608 Millennium Reserve is produced using the same age old traditions and skills handed down from generation to generation. Bushmills Millennium Reserve is a limited edition Irish Whiskey for connoisseurs.

(Getting harder to find all the time ideal investment)
Size 700ml ABV 40% Buy this Whiskey Now !

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