on-line auction How does it work?

Classic Whiskey Auction N.B. All auction items offered by are subject to our standard terms and conditions
Its all very simple really here's how it works,

  • First of all in order to use the auction feature on this site you must be registered. You will need to supply a username or Handle and a valid e-mail address in order to receive your password. (Please remember your password as we do not store them)
  • Next select the item you wish to make a bid on from the list of categories This will display various information about the item being offered for auction including when the auction closes for that item, shipping information etc. further down the same page you will be able to see the the current bid and the bid history for that item. If you wish to bid simply enter your bid and you user handle and password.
  • Finally you will be kept informed by email if you are the successful bidder or should you be "out bid"
PLEASE NOTE: All bids are accepted in good faith Remember in some states it is illegal to win an auction by placing a bid that you do not honour. "Its simple, if you are not going to pay please don't bid". In order to make a bid you must register this will be used to monitor your bid and to inform you if you have succeeded in you bid or notify you if you have been "outbid"
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