Dunville's Whisky

Dunvilles Three Crowns Whisky was distilled in Belfast, famous today for its shipbuilding, linen, agriculture and tourism, by the Royal Irish Distilleries. The Lost Distilleries of Ireland by Brian Townsend, outlines the history of The Royal Irish Distilleries and reminds the people of Belfast of a forgotten industry.  

The distillery was founded in the 1870s and survived until the late 1930s.Its demise and eventual closure was a tragedy that was never fully understood. When it closed approximately 90% of Northern Irelands distilling capacity disappeared as well as many jobs. Now very little remains of this once thriving and noble business that won many gold awards throughout the world. Street names such as Distillery Street, Excise Street and Malt Street have slipped away but Dunville Park, at the corner of the Falls Road and Grosvenor Road, in Belfast is a fleeting reminder of another time.

The distillery was located on the Grosvenor Road and had its own railway marshalling yard close to Great Victoria Street Station. Irish League football club Lisburn Distillery, formerly Distillery FC, was founded by the employee's of the Dunvilles distillery. Initially they played their football on a pitch near the old distillery before moving to Solitude.